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Sudan Trade Office of the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan in Vienna

www.sudanconsul.hu, secretary@sudanconsul.hu


The economic growth between Sudan and Hungary is common interest, which is necessary to be developed in an organized way, with significant state support, together with diplomatic and business sphere. The Sudan Trade Office Budapest and the Hungarian established Trade House work together, along with a wide strategic collaboration using both countries’ economic-political elite for the development of economies.



AeTECH Solutions- Tunisia


AeTECH provides a complete suite of end-to-end IT and communications solutions that allow businesses and organizations to improve operational efficiency, enable innovation, minimize risks and reduce expenses. Our main activities include project management, integration, maintenance, consulting, and training and we have experience in various sectors, such as public administration, telecom, tourism, process industry, finance, health, and many more.
Our mission is to find Hungarian ICT product and solution providers that are interested to export to Africa and partner with them in this process. On the other side we are interested to connect with other African companies and diplomatic missions in search for the projects that we can get involved in.


Africa Investment Group


African-Hungarian Union
www.ahu.hu, info@ahu.hu

African – Hungarian Union (AHU) is a Hungary-based NGO active in Africa since 2008. Our main activities are: awareness raizing and media-communication, organization of volunteer medical and humanitarian missions to different African countries (Uganda, Congo etc.)



Publikon Publishers and Africa Research Center University of Pécs



Publikon Publishers was established in 2006 with the aim to provide the public scientific and informative literature dealing with the new challenges of the 21st century. We are putting an emphasis on the publishing of Africa-related research to show people the colourful African world in a scientifically valid and interesting way by using documentary articles instead of portraying a stereotypical image of Africa.

Foundation for Africa



The Foundation for Africa deals with educational, social and health issues: it maintains the Otniel Elementary and Secondary School, the La Providence Orphanage in Kinshasa, the capital city of Congo; In Hungarian cities we organize presentations in the field of education and tolerance illustrated by videos and photos on the African life and our work in Congo. Since 2007 we have organized humanitarian tourist program combines the element of exotic vacation and humanitarian mission.


African Tailoring



African Tailoring was founded in 2011. It produces custom-made, unique clothes and accessories. We always strive to provide a high quality service. Inspiration comes from the many dfferent colours and patterns of the great textiles. All these together make you to be stylish, special and especially unique. The designs combine the modern fashion annd tailoring with the vibrant African colors and patterns. This shows the way to the world of African fashion in Hungary.



Embassy of Angola, Budapest
www.angolaembassy.hu, anemba@angolaembassy.hu

The Embassy of Angola builds economical, cultural and diplomatic relations between Hungary and Angola.



Bamako Gifts Ltd. Co



We sell cloths, drums, statues, bags, jewelry from Maly and Senegal. We promote these two West-African countries  through our sales activity. 






Culturafrica Shop- a bit of Africa in the heart of Budapest!


Congolese Kuba Raffia Cloth, African souvenirs, African interior design directly from the producers from Congo, Senegal, Ghana etc. Buy a piece, support the artist and contribute to the safeguarding of the Congolese Kuba Art!





Innovatio Kft. 


Jane Goodall Institute



The Jane Goodall Institute, established by the well known primatologist, is an international non-profit organization with the following mission:
 to inspire the younger generations to identify and solve the environmental, natural and social problems
 to foster their perception based on experience and to encourage them to take actions
 to organize self-motivating, autonomous groups and build them into a network, support their communication and interaction
 to form attitudes toward responsible animal keeping in partnership with animal welfare organizations
 to support the African Jane Goodall Institutes in their community-based environmental programs
 to improve the living conditions of the apes - mainly chimpanzees - living in wild or captivity

Embassy of Kenya, Vienna

Bővebb infó: www.kenyaembassyvienna.at


Kenya opened her embassy in Vienna, Austria in 1994.
The Embassy is also accredited to Hungary and Slovakia.



Embassy of Namibia, Vienna


Is a catalyst for the rapid, equitable and sustainable economic growth, through investment, industrialisation and trade in Namibia.
The main objectives are to develop appropriate policies, legal framework and programmes for business, trade and industrial development and investment; to promote and encourage sustainable economic growth with equity and the meaningful participation of formerly disadvantaged regions, communities and individuals in the economy; to achieve accelerated industrial development, growth of the entrepreneurial culture and employment creation, by providing an enabling environment through active and professional services; to increase the export share as a percentage of the GDP, through trade diversification in terms of products and trading partners and to ensure the competitiveness of Namibian products and services.

  Selek and Millers Kft

Taita Foundation



Taita Foundation supports a Kenyan orphanage, a nursery school and a primary school in the same community. In Hungary, our main activities include awareness raising, fundraising and volunteer recruitment.


TAP Portugal- Sponsor



TWD Investments

www.twdinvest.hu, info@twdinvest.hu


The company is a major contributor to the region's job market, infrastructure and business trade. Sierra Leone government officials and various national and international delegations regularly visit the company's camp due to its high levels of diamond mining activity, measured by national standards. We organize regular sporting and cultural events for local residents and schools, which strengthens the good relations with the country.

Travel to Africa Tour Operator

www.utazzafrikaba.hu, info@utazzafrikaba.hu



Small group cultural tours to various African destinations: Ghana, Senegal, Madagascar, Uganda. Corporate partners and individual enquiries are also   wellcome.