EN – 10. Africa Expo Budapest 2022

10. Africa Expo Budapest

Volunteering- Tourism- Development

4-6 March 2022

Venue: Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center, Pavilion ’A’, co-event of Travel Show, HUNGARY

Africa Expo and Fair is an annual international forum focused on the building of African-Hungarian relations, presenting business and cooperation opportunities, and boosting partnerships between African and Hungarian stakeholders. The first nine editions (2011-2020) of Africa Expo attracted nearly 350.000 visitors and 205 exhibitors from 34 African countries. 


The 10. Africa Expo Budapest will be held at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center's Pavilion A on 4-6 March 2022, as co-event of International Travel Show. The conference will take place in the Gallery of PAvilion A of the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center on 4 March 2022. The professional event will look at the role of African local governments and government agencies in local development projects, and explore opportunities for involvement in African development projects. 


At the Africa Expo nearly 20 African countries will be presented at the Exhibitor's booths.



There will be shows, lectures and interesting content showcased about Africa and the Exhibitors at the Africa Stage during the duration of the event. Come and visit the Africa Expo to discover the exhibitors and the African countries they represent! At the Expo you will find your next African travel destination or business partner.