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9. Africa Expo and Fair Budapest
Culture- Business- Travel


Why participate? The Africa Expo brings you face-to face with key customers to do more business and get more exposure. Africa Expo is a great opportunity to:

• Make sales
• Debut new products
• Profile your brand
• Meet new business partners and distributors
• Develop key relationships

• Educate buyers
• Promote thought leadership


Who can exhibit?

  • Diplomatic Institutions representing African countries (Embassies, Honorary Consulates etc.)
  • Hungarian and African companies with Africa - related activities
  • Chambers of commerce, trade associations
  • NGO-s, development agencies and projects
  • shops and associations selling and promoting African art or African products

Who can not exhibit?

  • Exhibitors of TRAVEL Expo (travel agencies, tour operators) 
  • Participants of any other expo organized by Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center during the past two years (besides Africa Expo)
  • restaurants can exhibit, but cannot sell food on the spot


EARLY BIRD discount! Registrate before 18 December 2019 and get 15% off the booth fee!


Registration period will be closed before 18 January 2020!

Size of booth(/m2)



430 EUR


780 EUR


1100 EUR


Participation fee includes

  • booth fee for 4 days 
  • carpet
  • electricity and lighting: two lamps and one screen or laptop for 9 m2 ; three lamps and one screen or laptop for 18 m2; four lamps and  two laptops or screens for 24 m2
  • back panel (light brown colour, natural material)
  • heating
  • cleaning (daily, after opening hours)
  • free parking for one car/ exhibitor

    Participation fee excludes

    Booth construction, furniture and decoration. Booth constructing services, furniture renting should be directly ordered from the service provider of Hungexpo. Organizers can ensure one table and two chairs for Exhibitors coming from abroad. Exhibitors are not obliged to rent furniture but can take their equip and decorate the booth with their own materials.

    General rules and condition for the exhibitors of the Africa Expo and Fair

    • Exhibitors will be fully registrated only after the full amount of the booth fee have been paid. Exhibitor will only appear in the communication campaign and can participate at the distribution of stands after the payment is fulfilled.
    • Exhibitor agrees that the distribution of booths will be based on luck by drawing of lots with no space for reclamation. Exhibitors can change booths among themselves with the organizers notice.
    • In case Exhibitor cancels a part or the full area of its rented booth space after the signature of the contract, Exhibitor shall pay area cancellation penalty, 100% of the booth fee will be deducted from the booth fee.
    • Exhibitor agrees that the organizer takes responsibility for values left in the Pavilion during opening hours of the expo. Organizer cannot take responsibility beyond opening hours.
    • Exhibitor agrees, in case of Vis major (natural disaster, bomb alert etc.) organizer do not take responsibility, no booth fee will be paid back to Exhibitors in such cases
    • In case the Africa Expo will be cancelled by the organizer, organizer pays back 70% of the whole amount of the booth fee until end of March 2020!
  • Important notice! Special conditions for participants fcoming directly from Africa!

    • 1 company (maximum 2 people) can have one booth for 9 square meters and 3 people maximum can apply for  booth for 18 and 24 square meters.
    • Exhibitors must send the full amount of the participation fee after registration due to the invoice via bank transfer or Western Union.
    • Participants from Africa will be supported with all necessary documents for their visa process as Invitation letters but we can not guarantee you will get your your visa.
    • In case participants from Africa we can only reimbourse 20% of the booth fee in case their visa is rejected or the expo is cancelled because we need to pay costs for the reservation of your booth, communication well before the Expo

Online registration form

Please note that exhibitors are not allowed to share stands. One registration should be submitted by one exhibitor.

Name and title:
Name of institution:
Billing address:
VAT number:
Bank account number:
Name of contact person:
E-mail of contact person:
Telephone numbers of contact person:
Size of stand (sq m):
Please list all brands and products promoted on your stand with links and websites:
Do you plan to order any technical support (fixing molinos, for ex.)?:
Do you plan to order and special stalls for your stand? yes   no  
Payment: bank transfer
Suggestions or comments:

I understood and agreed with the general rules of the Africa Expo and Fair.