English – FAQ

What is the date?
1-4 March 2018

What is the place of the event?
Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center, 1101 Budapest, Albertirsai út 10, Budapest, capital of Hungary. www.hungexpo.hu



What is the venue of the event?
Pavilion A, Booth No. 101,Budapest Fair Center


Who are the other exhibitors?
African Embassies and Consulates, Africa related companies, Trade Associations, NGO-s.


Am I allowed to sell products on my booth?
Yes, exhibitors can sell their products on their stands due to Hungarian administrative and legislative norms and rules. Please be aware that there can be spontaneous checking by administrative bodies at any time during the expo.


Is there electricity on the booth?
Yes, there is. The electricity fee is included in the space fee according to the contract.


Must I rent equipments and stalls or can I bring my own to furnish and decorate the booth?
Exhibitors are allowed to bring their own equipments and furnitures ( tables, chairs, paravans, molinos, decoration etc.) For all related services offered by Hungexpo (stand equipment, furnitures etc) please see the list and forms at Hunexpo's website.


Is there carpet on t e stand?
Yes there is, and it is included in the space fee.


Is my neighbor building a side wall and can I use the backside of it?
We do not know that, please contact and ask directly your neighbor. We will send you his or her contacts before the event.


Is there lighting at my stand?
Yes, there is 100 lux basic lighting in the Pavilion and you can use extra lighting according to your contract.


What should I bring with myself for the installation days?
Glue, drawing pin, extension cable, pens, scissors, molinos, name cards, decoration, African textiles, plants etc.


What should I keep on my booth?
Besides your promotion materials, it is good to have some snacks, plastic cups, refreshing drinks and mineral water at the stand.




How will I find my stand space when I arrive at the Pavilion?
Name and number of the Exhibitor will be written on a paper on the stand space. The organizers will be there, too.


How am I going to know the exact surface of my stand?
Edges of the stands will be signed on the carpet.